Oracle 11g (RAC)

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Oracle 11g Real Application Cluster (RAC) is one of the most used oracle applications at present days. By getting an expert knowledge on this subject, students can obtain great skills to manage the real-time software projects in an efficient manner. This course is completely prepared by the trained professionals who can give an expert base for the students to learn the oracle applications in a most simple way.


Grid Infrastructure: Overview

Oracle Grid Infrastructure

What Is a Cluster?

What Is Clusterware?

Oracle Clusterware

Oracle Clusterware Architecture and Services

Goals for Oracle Clusterware

Oracle Clusterware Networking

Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster

RAC Concepts

Overview of Oracle RAC

RAC One Node Single-Instance High Availability

Oracle RAC One Node

Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle Clusterware

Cluster-Aware Storage Solutions

Oracle Cluster File System

Benefits of Using RAC

Clusters and Scalability

Installing and Configuring Oracle RAC

Installing the Oracle Database Software

Creating the Cluster Database

Database Type Selection

Database Identification

Cluster Database Management Options

Passwords for Database Schema Owners

Database File Locations

Recovery Configuration

Oracle RAC Administration

Oracle RAC Administration

Cluster Database Instance Home Page

Cluster Home Page

Configuration Section

Topology Viewer

Enterprise Manager Alerts and RAC

Enterprise Manager Metrics and RAC

Enterprise Manager Alert History and RAC

Managing Backup and Recovery for RAC

RAC and Instance Recovery

Instance Recovery and Database Availability

Instance Recovery and RAC

Protecting Against Media Failure

Media Recovery in Oracle RAC

Parallel Recovery in RAC

Archived Log File Configurations

RAC and the Fast Recovery Area

Global Resource Management Concepts

Need for Global Concurrency Control

Global Resource Directory (GRD)

Global Resource Management

Global Resource Remastering

Global Resource Recovery

Global Resource Background Processes

Global Resource Access Coordination

Global Enqueues

RAC Database Monitoring and Tuning

CPU and Wait Time Tuning Dimensions

RAC-Specific Tuning

Analyzing Cache Fusion Impact in RAC

Typical Latencies for RAC Operations

Wait Events for RAC

Wait Event Views

Global Cache Wait Events: Overview

Global Enqueue Waits

Managing High Availability of Services

Oracle Services

Services for Policy- and Administrator-Managed Databases

Default Service Connections

Creating Service with Enterprise Manager

Creating Services with SRVCTL

Managing Services with Enterprise Manager

Managing Services with EM

Managing Services with srvctl

High Availability of Connections

Types of Workload Distribution

Client-Side Connect-Time Load Balancing

Client-Side Connect-Time Failover

Server-Side Connect-Time Load Balancing

Fast Application Notification: Overview

Fast Application Notification: Benefits

FAN-Supported Event Types

FAN Event Status

Upgrading and Patching Oracle RAC

Types of Patches

Patch Properties

Configuring the Software Library

Setting Up Patching

Obtaining Oracle RAC Patches

Downloading Patches

Reduced Down-Time Patching for Cluster Environments

Rolling Patches

Oracle RAC One Node

Verifying an Existing RAC One Node Database

Oracle RAC One Node Online Migration

Online Migration Considerations

Performing an Online Migration

Online Migration Illustration

Online Maintenance: Rolling Patches

Adding an Oracle RAC One Node Database to an Existing Cluster

Converting a RAC One Node Database to RAC

Quality of Service Management

QoS Management Background

QoS Management Overview

QoS Management and Exadata Database Machine

QoS Management Focus

QoS Management Benefits

QoS Management Functional Overview

QoS Management Policy Sets

Server Pools

Design for High Availability

Causes of Unplanned Down Time

Causes of Planned Down Time

Oracle’s Solution to Down Time

RAC and Data Guard Complementarity

Maximum Availability Architecture

RAC and Data Guard Topologies

RAC and Data Guard Architecture

Data Guard Broker (DGB) and Oracle Clusterware (OC) Integration

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